Bangerooo è una creativa autodidatta di Toronto specializzata in digital art. Le sue, sono opere d'arte accattivanti e colorate ispirate agli alieni...

Bangerooo trae molta della sua ispirazione dal grande e sconfinato Spazio Celeste. Un luogo che l'ha sempre attratta perchè enorme, inesplorato e misterioso. Gli alieni, nei quali crede con forza, l'hanno sempre incuriosita e spesso si ritrova a sognare ad occhi aperti su tutte le possibilità che la vita fuori dalla terra potrebbe manifestare. Nell'universo infinito, gli alieni sono per lei un modo per mettere in discussione la nostra realtà. In un certo senso possiamo dire che per Bangerooo dipingere alieni è un modo per ispirare lo spettatore a pensare e mettere in discussione i confini della società.

Per andare oltre i confine della relatà a volte la sola immaginazione non basta e qui entra in gioco la Cannabis, il secondo soggetto preferito di Bangerooo.  Con la cannabis si possono superare molti limiti creativi e per questo spesso l'artista ritrae cartoni animati o alieni mentre fumano erba.

La bravura di Bangerooo sta nel saper amalgamare temi di grande attualità come il femminismo e il cambiamento climatico fino al fascino psichedelico degli UFO....


Let's get back to talk about Bangerooo once again and here we are with the first italian interview!

In the previous article we did not talk enough about your artistic style, long defined as psychedelic art. Tell us more. Was it a process you come to slowly or an aesthetic choice?

My current art style has developed over the past 3 years that I have been practicing digital art. I didn't begin making 'psychedelic' art, but as I grew artistically my style naturally gravitated towards vivid colors, space, and drug themes. 

If we talk about psychedelic art, we cannot avoid talking about the 1960 counterculture movement, psychedelic rap music, San Francisco, Rick Griffin and Well Wilson and therefore about Music. What music do you listen to and how much does listening to music affect your work?

I love music! I'm always listening to music when I'm making art - literally all the time!! My favorite genres are rap, hip hop, edm and electronic. My favorite artists are Drake, Mac Miller, Zhu and bbno$. Lyrics in music often inspire me and help me to 'see' my art in a different way.

Do you think that one day you would ever change style? How would it be oriented?

I think so! My style is constantly evolving, as I improve as an artist the techniques I use change. I push myself to create content that is extraordinary! While I hope to see my artistic talents improve, I believe my themes of space, aliens, drugs and sex will stay the same.

Please tell us about your personal idea about aliens. First of all, do you think they are male or female? If one of them arrives on earth what would you say to him/her?

I think that everything we can imagine exists, and that this is because the universe is infinite. The aliens I draw are male, female, and all other genders. They live in a wonderful world with pink grass, rainbow water and massive expansive spacey skies. They're very technologically advanced, but they care most about peace between their species, the relationships they have with one another and taking care of the other life forms they share their planet with. 

All images © Bangerooo

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sabato, 28 gennaio 2023
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